15978120_1048650918572864_3993391784170288786_nWhen I joined this business 3 and half years ago, I was only looking for an Extra R3000 to supplement my salary but God had other plans for me today I’m my own boss, left my employer 7 months ago and I have achieved the following with Forever
3fully paid properties
Vacant Land
Brand New Range Rover Evogue fully paid
BMW 1 Series fully paid
Renault Scenic fully paid for my kids school transportation
Travelled overseas all expenses paid by Forever including spending money
Been to
⭕️Lake Tahoe Carlifonia 🇺🇸
⭕️Cancun Mexico 🇲🇽
⭕️Costa Novarino Greece 🇬🇷
2017 I will be traveling as follows
⭕️Feb 2017- Drakensburg champagne resorts
⭕️April 2017- DUBAI
⭕️October 2017- Barcelona, Monte Carlo&Rome
I have the 3rd largest business in South Africa 🇿🇦
I have the 20 largest business in whole world 🌎
Im a multiple Six figure income earner
I’m 34yr old mother💯
A wife 💯
A business woman 💯
Business coach 💯
I own my time 💯
I own my freedom 💯
Your dreams also matter